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One of the biggest hurdles in the process of designing and creating a website is staying on schedule. Many issues can arise, as the details of the project come together and are realized and fleshed out by the designer. As a client, there are several positions where planning ahead and having a strong vision of what you want to see online can help to alleviate schedule issues. Below are several tips for providing information to your web designer that can help prevent the much-dreaded limbo known as ‘Development Hell’. The following 4 tips can help to alleviate that frustration and get your website launched successfully.

Know Your Expectations

When undertaking a web design project, commit some time to envisioning what you want your website to do for you. Obviously this excludes design and style aspects, but should include ideas about the type of content you want to include, how you want people to use the site, and most importantly, how you want users to get in contact (or maintain contact) with you.

Provide Feedback

As the design phase is underway, be forthcoming with things that you like and don’t like about the project. Continuous feedback will help the designer refine concepts to bring the best work to the top.

Provide Content

The #1 reason projects linger in Development Hell is lack of content. Designers try their best to provide information and images that represent the project, but in the end, no one knows you as well as you do. Dedicate time to putting your ‘elevator pitch’ on paper; it’s an excellent start to fleshing out additional content. Think about how you would sell your company to others that may not know exactly what you do. Also, poll family and friends to get perspective from ‘outside the industry’ on questions that potential users may have. By providing content based on those questions, you are increasing the value of your website to potential users.

Get Active Early

The design of your website should reflect you; the more information you provide, the more that will be the case. If you are a photographer, then images will be the driving force of your page, and the design should be structured around that content. When the client is able to express their needs and provide even sample pieces of content early on in the design process, it saves time and results in a better website overall to the client’s needs.

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Time is Money

By following these tips, you can help to alleviate the frustration of languishing in Development Hell and get your website launched successfully.

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