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Who Are You?

This is the most important question that can be asked of someone wanting to put a presence online. Being able to put this question to paper and subsequently online is critical, and can sometimes be extremely difficult. Below we have compiled tips on doing just that, to help make your presence the best that it can be.

Who Are You Connecting With?

The very nature of the Internet involves connectivity; with putting a presence online, you must consider who you are trying to reach and why. Your target audience says a lot about your website, and can and should have a huge impact on the development of your site. Any website has an ideal user demographic of their services; identify yours, and research why they would come to your site. Your content should be tailored to these users. By placing yourself in their shoes, the process of generating material that will inform and incentivize them for repeat hits has more of a personal perspective, giving you insight in generating the material for them.

What Should Your Website Accomplish?

What is the purpose of your website? This is the one thing you should do exceptionally well. Create an ‘elevator pitch’ – that is, an abbreviated statement that sums up what you do in the length of an elevator ride. This should be the absolute bare-bones description of your website. Once you have this, break this content down and begin to use it to develop more robust content, from each point created in the elevator pitch.

Who Are You?

The first question asked in this article, and again, the most important. Your website should be a reflection of you or your company. Its identity should mirror your own. So, take the opportunity to describe yourself. These aspects can be expanded upon to create meaningful content for your website, and allow you to connect with your visitors in a meaningful way.

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Growing With Content

The most effective way to boost your online presence is with content that resonates with your users. Use the tips above to make that information quality.

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