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Facebook Vs Google + For SEO

As I’ve written in previous articles, the impact of social media on web design cannot be understated. The value of maintaining it in connection with your business cannot be measured, and many search engines consider the presence of social media tantamount to website value. However, the content contained therein doesn’t necessarily make the jump to SEO for your website. Or does it?

Facebook, with 1.65 billion users, is the absolute juggernaut of social media. A presence for any organization is essentially required in this day and age. However, the other juggernaut of the internet, Google, doesn’t have access to the content listed on Facebook; the content provided here is exclusively useful for users. This creates a content void for businesses or organizations that are only using Facebook to produce content. The only benefit imparted to their website is incidental only by Facebook’s inclusion as a link from the web page. When it comes to SEO, there is a better option.

Google’s answer to Facebook is their own social media platform called Google + {Plus}. Google + has a similar format with Facebook, insofar as connecting with friends, creating static pages for businesses, and the ability to post content such as copy, photos, and videos. The difference is that Google uses content from Google + to enrich a website’s SEO value by including that content organically in web searches. For active organizations, this additional bonus can be invaluable. Additionally, Google +’s account tie-ins to Google My Business and Google Analytics makes it a more desirable platform to increase SEO value to a website.

In summary, my recommendation to clients wanting to reach out to both increase their social media presence and increase SEO value in their website is to use both Facebook and Google +. Becoming active in both will provide an unparalleled value content-wise to site users as well as search engines trying to provide more information about your website.

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