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Building a Social Media Following

In a recent article, I quoted Matt Cutts, a manager of Google’s search quality team, in regards to social media. To paraphrase his comments, “If you don’t have it, you’re dead to us (Google).”

So, from our previous article, understanding the importance of social media- check;

creating accounts and linking to them from the website- check;

...all done, right?

Not exactly. Social media is a very important component of maintaining an online presence, some would say on par with having a website. However, it can be a double-edged sword; a social media presence that hasn’t been updated for months can make your organization appear out-of-date and unresponsive. So, with the commitment to not only the creation but management of your social media outlets, how can you maximize what it does for you?

Build Your Base

Building a following is well worth the time and effort required. In essence, you are creating a group of dedicated customers with proven interest in your brand that are delivered information, direct from you, on a platform that they subscribe to daily. The first step to accomplishing this is by generating content that users will be interested in. For example, a shoe company should start by creating articles about new up-and-coming designers and feature images of their best-selling or most popular merchandise. Posts that reflect seasonal or current events are especially attractive to consumers; the inflection that additional value is imparted while connected directly to present relations is particularly valuable. Continuing the example, posts about projected new summer fashion trends in April and May of the calendar year provide the appearance of being relevant and connected.
Consistently releasing pertinent posts and content to your current media platforms will help retain current subscribers, boost subscriber numbers as they share your posts, and provide a backlog of relevant history for new or prospective subscribers, showing consistent activity.

Expand Your Network

After this base is established, many social media platforms have options to advertise your brand. Relying on current subscribers to share your posts can result in increased follower numbers, but the most efficient way to accomplish this is by advertising. Facebook, for example, has a plethora of options available for reaching very specific demographics (for the purpose of this article, we are assuming that you have relevant demographics info for your organization). To expand a Facebook following, advertising to target ‘page likes’ is an extremely time and cost-efficient means to expand your base. With the cost per subscriber recently hovering at two to three to the dollar, even minimal advertising campaigns can result in exponential follower growth. Combined with consistently delivering quality content, this increased subscriber base can directly result in solid social media growth and, ultimately, increased profitability.

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Growing With Content

The most effective way to boost your online presence is with content that resonates with your users. Use the tips above to make that information quality.

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